Wood Fridge Magnets Airbrush Bali

Airbrush painted wood Refrigerator Magnets Wholesale

Cheap and wholesale fridge magnets made of wood and air brush painting

Wood Fridge Magnets Airbrush Bali Airbrush painted wood Refrigerator Magnets Wholesale

Wooden fridge magnets made of wood with airbrush painting. Available in various shapes and model. We can make airbrush fridge magnets with name dropping (custom made) using your country name, company, island and many more. The motif also possible using your own design. Please contact us if you need further information. We'll be happy to assist you in importing our wooden magnets from Bali.

wooden magnets from Bali

More wooden magnets from Bali. We are wholesale only. Please order our wooden magnets in bulk quantity. At least 1,000 pieces. Please order these wood magnets in advance. Production time vary depends on quantity and model ordered. Please always consult us before placing your order. Thank you for your order.

Airbrush fridge magnets Bali Indonesia

We are craftsmen producing various kind and models of fridge magnets for your company gifts away and promotion. We are able to make these fridge magnets specially for you with company logo or name dropping. We're wholesale only. So please order these cheap magnets in bulk quantity. We have 1,000 pieces minimum. These magnets is possible to use as airbrush keychains from Bali

Airbrush fridge magnets Bali Indonesia

Airbrush painted sandals magnets from Bali Indonesia. Cheap fridge magnets made in Indonesia

Airbrush fridge magnets Bali Indonesia

Fridge magnets in various sizes and shapes. Carved wood and air brush painted. Handmade by skill craftsmen in Bali. Available with name dropping.

Cheap magnet wholesale from Bali.

Cheap magnet wholesale from Bali. Wooden handicrafts as souvenirs for your gift shops and stores. These magnets is cheap, affordable by many people. Easy to see as souvenirs to tourists in your area. Buy our fridge magnets direct from wholesaler in Indonesia. Any color possible and free namedropping. Wholesale only, minimum order apply. Please contact us regarding these airbrush painted wooden fridge magnets. We have been exporting these magnets to many countries around the world. Including Bahamas, Maldives, Jamaica, Mexico etc. These fridge magnets is NOT made in China or Thailand. This is made in Indonesia. Truly handmade by traditional craftsmen on the island of Bali. Buy our crafts means you're supporting local craftsmen and their family. If you are interested in other airbrush crafts, please visit our airbrush surfboards from Bali and painted boomerangs from Bali catalog page.

Airbrush fridge magnets Bali Indonesia

View more fridge magnets Bali with more traditional Balinese carvings :

fridge magnets Bali

This is painted wood fridge magnets with wooden fishes motif. Click to view more Balinese handcrafted wooden magnets. Made in Bali Indonesia. See More FRIDGE MAGNETS FROM BALI

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Our Handicrafts are handmade in Bali Indonesia by traditional Balinese craftsmen who been producing many kind of Bali crafts and other Bali homeware for many years. These arts and crafts are available in various colors not only color shown here. Please browse our catalog of boat wood home decors. Various wood crafts made of reclaimed wood from old wooden boats. Made in Indonesia.