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Wood carvings from Bali Indonesia. Handcarved wood statues and sculptures made in Indonesia. Browse our catalog of bali handicrafts wooden statues. Many kind including animal wood carvings, wooden sculptures etc.

Wood statues and wood crafts made in Indonesia in Java and Bali by wood craftsmen :

Balinese Wooden Carvings Horses

Balinese Carvings Code: WCP1-33
Carved Wood Masks Bali

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Homeware from Indonesia Catalog. Carved wood bowls, terra cotta plates, wooden placemats and rattan boxes.


Balinese carvings pineapple. Wooden pineapples from Bali Indonesia. Hand carved wooden pineapples made in Indonesia. Tropical fruits wooden carvings direct from Bali Indonesia. Handmade by Balinese artisans. High quality, carved by skill craftsmen and craftswomen. Hours spent to produce each of these pineapple wood carvings. Available in various colors and sizes, mostly white washed. Suitable to decorate your living room, kitchen or bathroom. Tropical style home ornaments. Balinese wood carving pineapples in white washed finishing. Direct from Bali Indonesia. Wholesale only, bulk quantity. Minimum order apply, made to order, please order our Balinese wood crafts weeks in advance. We ship worldwide, bulk quantity wholesale only.

Wooden Pineapple Carvings Bali Indonesia

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