Need bamboo ducks ? We're the bamboo ducks manufacturer company located in Indonesia. Our company CV Maya, produce and export worldwide bamboo ducks. All styles of bamboo ducks. Wooden ducks made of bamboo plant root combined with teak wood. To order our bamboo ducks is easy. Simply email your order in details to us. Tell us how many bamboo ducks and sizes. Remember to provide your complete address and a brief info about your company or bussiness.

Wood and bamboo ducks from Bali Indonesia. Bamboo root ducks wood carvings. Bamboo handicrafts. Bali wood ducks factory and supplier company.

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Bamboo Root Ducks Direct from Indonesia. Bamboo Root Ducks at Factory Price. See also Sheep Wood Carvings from Indonesia


Bamboo Duck from Indonesia. Stained in antique finish. Also available in natural and adult bamboo duck size.

bamboo ducks indonesia

bamboo ducks stained

This bamboo ducks very popular in UK and other places in Europe. People love these bamboo ducks. Sell well for shops selling home and garden decorations.

We're constantly looking for importers worldwide to distribute our bamboo root ducks. Cooperation welcome. We're willing to make any deal which benefits both sides.

Do you know this bamboo root ducks sell well in your area? then why don't you try to import bamboo ducks from Indonesia directly? Our company is here to help you start importing bamboo root ducks direct from Indonesia.

Contact us now. Send Email to our Gmail address or Chat with us on WhatsApp. More info on our LinkTree Page or Chat with us

Bamboo ducks company and manufacturer in Indonesia. Supplier and producer of bamboo ducks. Wooden ducks made of bamboo root wood and teak wood. Bamboo ducks made in Indonesia. Factory direct.

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Wooden ducks from Indonesia. Bamboo root wood ducks made in Indonesia. Wooden duck factory in Indonesia. Export company for bamboo ducks. We're producer and wholesaler of duck wood carvings made of bamboo root wood. Our bamboo duck factory located in Java Indonesia. We make wide range of wooden ducks. Browse our catalog of bamboo root ducks made by skill craftsmen of Indonesia with years of experience in producing bamboo root ducks for oversea market. Take a look at our collection of wooden ducks in many shapes and sizes. Selected craftsmen and quality raw materials for the bamboo root. Fair trade and environmentally friendly. Indonesian crafts exporter company with decades of experience in export and shipping.

 Wooden ducks from Indonesia. Bamboo root wood ducks made in Indonesia. Wooden duck factory in Indonesia

Sheep wood carvings from Indonesia. Black and white sheep wood carvings from Indonesia. Wooden sheep carvings. Handmade in Indonesia. Available in various sizes. Direct from factory. Browse also our catalog of bamboo wood duck carvings from Indonesia. Wide range of bamboo root ducks. Wooden ducks with shoes and hat. Wooden duck skiing and many more. All direct from factory in Indonesia. Export worldwide since 2001. Registered export company located in Bali and Java Indonesia.

Sheep wood carvings from Indonesia

Handwoven recycled plastic shopping bags from Indonesia. Handmade bags made of plastic strapping band from recycled plastic bottles. Various women bags including shopping bags and tote bags. Beautiful bright colors, very durable and strong. Suitable to use as shopping bags. Please help us clean up the rivers and beaches in Indonesia from plastic waste by supporting the plastic bottles recycling into shopping bags. The more you buy these recycled plastic shopping bags, the more people collect and recycled plastic bottle in Indonesia. Less plastic waste in the rivers and beaches.

Recycled Plastic Bags Handwoven Shopping Bags from Indonesia

Water hyacinth placemat factory. Handwoven water hyacinth placemats from artisans in Java Indonesia. Round, oval or square wicker placemats. Available in bulk quantity. Direct from craftsmen workshop. Competitive pricing. Worldwide shipping. Wholesale only. Made to order. To order, send email to our Gmail. See photo for our email address.

Water Hyacinth Placemat Factory Java Indonesia