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Wooden duck carvings from Indonesia

Wooden Duck Factory in Indonesia

Bamboo ducks from Indonesia. We are producer and exporter of wooden ducks made of bamboo root wood. We are located in both Bali and Java Indonesia. We use bamboo root wood to make wooden ducks because the bamboo root looks very similar to duck body. We only need to add head and feet. Bamboo also a renewable resources. Fast growing plant and could live almost anywhere in Indonesia. We've been producing duck wood carvings for many years with skilled and experienced craftsmen able to produce good looking and good quality wooden ducks. We keep producing bamboo ducks year round. We work on order and also keep stock of bamboo ducks for immediate shipment. We are wholesaler so we do business in bulk quantity mostly 20ft and 40ft container load. But we understand for 1st timer you need to test the water and order small quantity. We can do that. We export worldwide to many major shipping ports but we sell our bamboo ducks mainly for Europe and North America market. We always looking for distributors and importers from other region.

Duck Wood Carvings Factory in Indonesia (Slideshow photos)

Wooden ducks from Indonesia. Bamboo root ducks. This is just a few of our collection of bamboo ducks, wooden ducks made of bamboo root wood. Handmade in Indonesia. If you interested in buying our bamboo wood ducks in bulk quantity, please contact us. Use inquiry form below or send us email or WhatsApp message. See photo for our contact information.

Painted Wood Ducks from Indonesia

We are bamboo duck wood carvings factory located in Java Indonesia. We've been exporting Indonesian handicrafts since 2001. Years of experience in supplying wholesalers and distributors oversea. We have decades of shipping experience. Please feel free to contact us with your question regarding ordering our bamboo ducks or other Indonesian handicrafts. Send us email or use WhatsApp for immediate responce.

Painted wood ducks from Indonesia. We have wide range of painted wood ducks including bamboo root wood duck in uniform, doctor wood ducks, painted wood duck in football uniform, nurse wooden ducks, pirate ducks and many more. Please let us know in details about your requirement for painted wood ducks.

Bamboo Root Duck Wood Carvings

Wooden Ducks Factory in Indonesia

Wooden Ducks from Indonesia

Wooden Ducks from Indonesia

Wooden Ducks from Indonesia

Wooden Ducks from Indonesia

Wooden Ducks from Indonesia

Wooden Ducks from Indonesia

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