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Indonesian furniture made of waterhyacinth fibers combined with teak or mahogany wood frame. Furniture made by woven furniture manufacturer and exporter company in Java.
Indonesian Woven furniture direct from furniture manufacturer company.
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Water Hyacinth Furniture from Indonesia | Woven Seagrass Furniture | Woven Drawers Furniture | Waterhyacinth Furniture

Woven furniture from Java Indonesia. Please browse our catalog of woven furniture such as water hyacinth, sea grass, banana ropes and rattan. All hand weave furniture direct from furniture factory in Java. When buying woven furniture from Indonesia, we recommend buying woven furniture from Java, as furniture craftsmen in Java has much more experience that furniture craftsmen in Bali. The materials for these furniture such as water hyacinth, seagrass or abaca comes from Java.

Water hyacinth

Water hyacinth . From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Water Hyacinth Seven species, including:
E. azurea - Anchored Water Hyacinth E. crassipes - Common Water Hyacinth E. diversifolia - Variableleaf Water Hyacinth E. paniculata - Brazilian Water Hyacinth. The seven species of water hyacinths comprise the genus Eichhornia of free-floating perennial aquatic plants native to tropical South America. With broad, thick and glossy ovate leaves, water hyacinths may rise some 1 metre in height. The leaves are 10-20 cm across, supported above the water surface by long, spongy and bulbous stalks. The feathery, freely hanging roots are purplish black. An erect stalk supports a single spike of 8-15 conspicuously attractive flowers, mostly lavender to pinkish in colour with six petals. When not in bloom, water hyacinth may be mistaken for frog's-bit (Limnobium spongia).

One of the fastest growing plants known, water hyacinth reproduces primarily by way of runners or stolons, eventually forming daughter plants. They may also reproduce via seeds. The common water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) is a vigorous grower known to double its population in two weeks. Invasiveness as an exotic plant.Common water hyacinth in flower. Water hyacinths have been widely introduced throughout North America, Asia, Australia and Africa. For example, they can be found in large water areas in Louisiana, or in the Kerala Backwaters in India. In many areas they, particularly E. crassipes, are important and pernicious invasive species. First introduced to North America in 1884, an estimated 50 kilograms per square metre of hyacinth once choked Florida's waterways, although the problem there has since been mitigated. When not controlled, water hyacinth will cover lakes and ponds entirely; this dramatically impacts water flow, blocks sunlight from reaching native aquatic plants, and starves the water of oxygen, often leading to fish kills. The plants also create a prime habitat for mosquitos, the classic vectors of disease, and a species of snail known to host a parasitic flatworm which causes schistosomiasis (snail fever). Directly blamed for starving subsistence farmers in Papua New Guinea and Australia, water hyacinth remains a major problem where effective control programmes are not in place.

Water hyacinth Indonesia

Water hyacinth drawing
This water hyacinth is common in Java Indonesia

Water Hyacinth Chair Furniture

Water hyacinth furniture from Indonesia
made by waterhyacinth furniture factory

Water hyacinth often invades water bodies that have already been impacted by human activities. For example, it is a common problem in eutrophied lakes that receive large amounts of pollution, and in artificial reservoirs. In some areas, uses are being found for the abundant plants, such as for cattle food and in biogas production. Recently, they have also begun to be used in wastewater treatment due to their fast growth and ability to tolerate high levels of pollution. As chemical and mechanical removal is often too expensive and ineffective, researchers have turned to biological control agents to deal with water hyacinth. The effort began in the 1970s when USDA researchers released three species of weevil known to feed on water hyacinth into the United States, Neochetina bruchi, N. eichhorniae, and the water hyacinth borer Sameodes albiguttalis. Although meeting with limited success, the weevils have since been released in more than 20 other countries. However, the most effective control method remains the control of excessive nutrients and prevention of the spread of this species.

Since the plant has abundant nitrogen content, it can be used a substrate for biogas production and the sludge obtained from the biogas process can then be used as compost or fertilizer. It can also feed livestocks, such as cattle, sheep or chicken [1]. However, due to easy accumulation of toxins, the plant is prone to get contaminated when used as feed. The plant is extremely tolerant towards, and of high capacity of uptaking heavy metals, such as Cd, Cr, Co, Ni, Pb and Hg etc, which could be utilized to biocleaning of wetland, water and industrial wastewater. Not only the heavy metals, can Eichhornia crassipes also remove toxins, such as cyanide, which is quite beneficial to environment protection from gold mines.

Teak wood kitchen utensils from Indonesia. Various kitchen tools and utensils made of teak wood. Handmade in Indonesia. Food safe and fair trade. Teak wood cutlery direct from craftsmen in Java Indonesia. Eco-friendly and non stick wooden spoon sets in wide range of sizes and shapes. Hardwood spatula, salad spoon and fork for all your cooking need. Strong and durable with beautiful wooden texture. Wooden kitchen tools surely will bring unique and elegant look to your kitchen. Available in wholesale and factory direct prices. Buy direct from the factory in Java Indonesia. Bulk quantity and wholesale pricing. We provide complete set of kitchen tools including teak wood bowls, trays, plates, chopping boards, Kuksa Nordic wooden cups, teak wood pizza serving trays, butter spreader and many more.

Teak Wood Kitchen Utensils from Indonesia

Teak root furniture and garden decor products by Balifurnish.com an online company owned by CV Maya, a teak outdoor furniture company in Indonesia. We provide teak furniture for indoor and outdoor. Furniture made of plantation teak wood or reclaimed teak. Furniture direct from Java Indonesia. Contact us now for more info on our furniture.

Rustic teak wood furniture from Indonesia. All kind of furniture such as chairs, tables, bench etc. Made of legally harvested teak timber. Eco friendly teak furniture.

Reclaimed teak wood furniture in rustic style. Furniture made of teak wood taken from salvaged old wooden Javanese joglo house. Furniture such as daybeds, bench, stool, chair or garden furniture set. All made of old teak wood. Recycle from wooden houses, wooden bridge, cart etc. Made in Java.

Here's a brief list of furniture we can supply

  • Teak root furniture
  • Rustic wood furniture
  • Reclaimed wood furniture
  • Log furniture from teak wood
  • Cabin furniture from teak log
  • Indonesian woven furniture
  • Teak Wood Twigs Room Dividers

Woven furniture from Indonesia. We're able to supply you with all kind of woven furniture made in Indonesia. Rattan seagrass or wicker furniture from Java Indonesia. Wooden furniture combined with woven wicker or rattan from Java.

Woven furniture manufacturer. Searching for furniture factory in Java Indonesia who produce rattan furniture sea grass or water hyacinth furniture ? We can help you!

Indoor furniture made in Indonesia. Furniture suitable for living room, bedroom or hotel furniture. Direct from Java Indonesia. Good quality reasonable price.

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rattan furniture made in Indonesia

Woven furniture manufacturer in Indonesia. Furniture for patio, lawn or garden. Also for indoor such as bedroom, living room etc. Looking for furniture factory in Java Indonesia ? We can help you. We're able to assist you in importing furniture made in Indonesia. There're many kind of woven furniture available. Woven furniture made of rattan, wicker, cane, sea grass, rattan peel, water hyacinth or banana leaves.

Furniture made in Indonesia by furniture manufacturer and furniture factory. Good quality reasonable price by CV MAYA, an Indonesian furniture company located in Bali and Java Indonesia. We're here to help you.