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How to clean your wicker furniture include rattan furniture, water hyacinth furniture and other natural fiber and cane furniture with vacuum cleaner or manual. Cleaning furniture with upholstery cushion or not. Wash furniture using mild soap, lukewarm water and soft cloth. Direction on how to clean your furniture here apply not for wicker furniture made in Indonesia only, but also for waterhyacinth furniture, cane furniture made from other Asian countries include Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, China etc.

Wicker Furniture Maintenance and Water hyacinth Furniture Cleaning Guidelines:
1. Use your vacuum cleaner attachment to remove dust from your waterhyacinth furniture or wicker furniture
2. Remember to wash with mild soap and light water and then dry your cane furniture.
3. Brush your with nylon brush to remove dry food or mud etc.
4. If needed a thinner can be used additionally to remove hard stains of your rattan or waterhyacinth furniture

If your waterhyacinth furniture has major liquid spills, remove all furniture upholstery or cushion, hose waterhyacinth furniture and place outside. Don't forget that your water hyacinth furniture must be dried completely. Do not let your wicker, sea grass or waterhyacinth furniture remain wet or damp otherwise your furniture will mold and subsequent deterioration of the water hyacinth furniture. Water hyacinth is a natural fibers or cane. This kind of natural furniture will absorb moisture and dry out according to weather situation. You have to place your natural cane furniture whether it's waterhyacinth furniture, sea grass furniture or abaca furniture in dry and well ventilated living room, bedroom or other place in home. Water Hyacinth furniture is durable. It can be vacuumed for dust or for major spills.

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